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Easter Sunday
My Lord and My God
St. Peter's & St. Paul's Orthodox Church
Pathicadu P O
Kerala - 689 585
Phone - (+91) 469 2682217
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  O C Y M Pathicadu Unit

The Youth movement of Pathicad Church, which is 130 years old, has passed 50 years in the field of their golden work. It was in the beginning of the 1950's, that the movement was started with small prayer meeting. Thereafter it changed into an organization which started to cooperate with the spiritual matters of parish. Along with the growth of parish, the movement started to produce better fruits and it became an opportunity for the youngsters to cooperate with each other. Under the guidance of the church the youth movement formed a special constitution of its own and thus it became a better unit in the Niranam Diocese. In 1980's the movement started to acquire strength and in the 90's it grew into a strong spiritual organization of the parish. In 1991, when it was chosen as the best unit in the Niranam Diocese, it became a role model of many other parishes as well.

In 1996-1997, it was once again elected as the best unit. Thereafter it changed into one of the most outstanding units in the diocese. From 2000 onwards, it was remained an essential element to the parish. During this time, the movement achieved a miraculous growth. A great number of youngsters became members of the movement. At present it continues as the best unit in the Mallappally district. The joined hands of the members and regular cooperation among them is the secret behind this achievement. As the movement completes this 50th year of service it shines as an eternal candle in this parish area.

The movement works with the aim of Worship, Study, and Service. The movement gives importance to the work which gives mental growth out of worship, personality development out of study and with service we proclaim virtue of society. The movement give earnest cooperation in the spiritual matters like Qurbana, worship, perunal (Feasts), OVBS etc. of the parish. On Saturdays after evening prayers the members meet at the church where we join together in singing spiritual hymns, Bible reading, class on Bible study, seminars and quiz competitions which make the programme lively. Also this unit participate in the programmes like conferences, district meeting and also in cultural and sports competitions conducted by the diocese. This unit has got the golden opportunity to conduct two one-day conferences. Parish also became the spot of district conferences. Helping the needy people is the key point of this unit. This unit used to help the needy people by constructing houses, giving aid for their treatment, educational help for the children, providing them with umbrellas and the like. A house had been constructed in both 1993 and 2003. The unit also visited leprosy hospitals at Nooranad and Koratti as well as a house for the physically handicapped in Trivandrum and Prathyasha bhavan in Kunnamthanam and gave proper aid to them. The unit regularly visits Panayambala Balabhavan, one of the main project the church. It also supplied clothes and medicines to the places at Kalhandi in Orissa where we couldn't visit. Apart from this, the movement rose with helping hands during earthquakes, flooding etc. for the suffering people. As a part of this unit a group named 'Rektadana Sena' is being guided by able youngsters to donate blood. The working period of the movement starts in April every year. For the whole year, the movement conducts many exciting programmes. It included distribution of membership, educational aid, visiting houses, Onam celebration, exciting camps, counseling classes, padayathra, X'mas celebration and so on. Because of excellent work done by movement, it has attracted the people's attention. The programmes of the past years also include seminars, medical camps, alcohol awareness classes and rallies. For encouraging talents, the movement organized a X'mas programme named 'Shishiraravil' in 1996 and it continues every year. The movement's work also includes excursion, cleaning the surroundings of parish and improving the road for transportation. There is also a library for the use of members. The movement used to give awards for outstanding students. During the weeks of fasting the parish members are encouraged to attend confession to receive communion and to attend the evening prayer in the church. The members of the movement also make it a point to make house visits especially those grieving the loss of a loved one. The unit also published a manuscript named 'Christos'

With parish Vicar as the president, a 11 membered ruling council is conducting the programmes of the movement. Along with the leadership of the president, vice president, Secretary, joint secretary and the treasurer handle financial matters. Apart from this, there is a four membered committee in the ruling council. There is a librarian for the library. For the arrangement of sports activities there is a sports secretary. The movement takes important decision during the meetings on Saturdays. The committee analysis decisive matters and presents them before the meeting. During emergency conditions committee members take the decisions and the general meeting approves this decision. All the records of the movement pertaining to accounts, reports, attendance of members etc. are collected and kept safely.